13 Ноября 2020

Dear Recon Friends


Dear Recon Friends, Greetings from Kiev, Ukraine!

Media world is in a big need of godly people, capable to help others to discover that the Bible’s primary focus is on God’s revelation of himself to all people. Perception of the history-making story from the Word of God has been shaped more by the Hollywood’s treatment of it than the text itself. My nation is still trying to be free from Communistic mentality and my hope that mass media will be rich on training material that is biblically sound and on a cutting edge of people’s needs.

The power of cooperation is so powerful and influential. Recon Media is so grateful to God for growing partnership with Heart2Heart ministry in producing training material in area of effective communication. It is my prayer that hundreds and thousands of Bible believing Christians would grow in their public ministry of proclamation of the Gospel. God is on a move and He want to use His people for His master plan of salvation. We are his media, mass media!

Hans van Soest has 35 years of experience in media. First he lived and worked for a number of years as a photographer in the MiddleEast. Then he joined a mission organization and traveled all over the world as a video producer. After that he worked for Dutch National TV, and he did almost every job you can do in TV, for many years. Now he has his own company to support and train Christian Media organizations around the world. He set up studios, trained editors, directors, cameramen, in many different cultures, situations and at all levels. His passion is to support people in any way he can, in the art of program making.

Not long time ago, Hans went to Ghana for a mission and got very sick. He nearly died. People all over the world were praying for him. God was good to him and after a long time in hospital, he was able to recover. Glory to God! Today, Hans is already planning more missionary trips to teach local churches how to use New Media. Together with his friends, he is starting a three-month Christian video production school in Netherlands. The idea is to repeat the school three times a year, each time in a different country. Slavic world has become part of this vision as well.

First five training courses are available. There are plans to produce more online coursed to help churches to be more professional in using mass media to serve their inner needs as well as to be well presented in public world. We have agreed to partner only for this purpose and let’s serve the Lord of the media harvest together. Your cooperation and partnership will be much appreciated in areas of prayerful and financial support. You are invited to become partner of this media initiative. You can contact brother Hans or me, if you need to know how to pray for us or how to support these ministries. If you have teaching material in area of communication, we could help you to produce video courses in English, Ukrainian, and Russian.


Dr. Anatoliy Glukhovskyy
Recon Media College

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