25 Июля 2016



Summer is in full swing and the buildings change every day! Friends, as you all know, in the spring, work began on the construction of the campus Recon, which will serve as a basis for the Media School and Comprehensive Child Development Center "Stezhinka."  For anyone who is not yet a student, but only plans to study, we have good news - you will be trained in the new building! For current students, you will have a pleasant change for the better and a more positive experience!

Today, we see the visible result of our "venture" and friendly work-the beginnings of our Recon studio and post-production studio.

Currently, work is underway on the completion of probably the most popular place - the kitchen and dining room! After all, a well-fed man is a good man.

In the neighborhood are located the school offices and online-training. We are hard at work on the preparation of the premises for Stezhinka!  Of course, we still have a lot of work, but we know why, and in whose name we work, and we believe that soon Recon will open its doors of new campus for each of you!


Let’s keep doing whatever we can in the name of further generations and for His glory. It is a miracle to see Recon Media College becoming a reality. Let’s do it together, as part of our global ministry of reconciliation.

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