16 Мая 2014

How can the evangelical voice be heard in the public arena

How can the evangelical voice be heard in the public arena?

During first week of May, leaders from all over the World gathered together in Switzerland, the birthplace of the Lausanne Committee for World Evangelism. Executive Director of the Lausanne Movement, Michael Oh, greeted participants with the following words: "We remember all that the Lord has done during our 40-year history... but let's spend our time and energy in looking forward for the future of the movement and the work before us." Anatole Glukhovskyy, founder of the Recon Media School (RMS) was asked to share how could the evangelical voice be heard in the public arena. Based on stories from Ukraine, the following three main points were developed: (1) The Word of God needed to be planted among people; (2) The Word of God needed to be planted in government corridors and offices; (3) The Word of God needed to be planted in academia. His Word needed to be heard in the power of the Spirit of the Lord and with the help of mass media.


RMS (http://www.rec-on.tv) is young and still small, but a growing ministry, is helping local evangelical churches and ministries to

  • be part of God's mission of reconciliation: "And God has given us the task of reconciling people to him" ~ 2 Corinthians 5:19
  • be a global leader in the area of media evangelism. As the first Christian educational institution specializing in media training in the Russian-speaking           world, Recon School is uniquely positioned to impact the world by proclaiming the Christian message.
  • answer the "Call to Action for Truth and the Globalized Media" as articulated in The Cape Town Commitment: "We commit ourselves to a renewed         critical and creative engagement with media and technology, as part of making the case for the truth of Christ in our media culture. We must do so as God's     ambassadors of truth, grace, love, peace, and justice." (The Lausanne Movement, The Cape Town Commitment, Cambridge: Didasko Publishing, 2011.)

RMS team in Kiev has also taken an active part in the Tenth European Conference of the Lausanne Consultation on Jewish Evangelism. Conference Statement and papers from the conference will be available on the LCJE website (www.lcje.net). Pastor Jean-Paul Rempp, Lausanne International Deputy Director for Europe, continues to promote Lausanne values among millions of Europeans, living in despair: in a violent and conflicted society.


Having participants from 19 countries with Israel included was a double blessing for Ukrainian churches. This nation has become a prayer nation as never before and 'Intercession Maidan' could be found all over Ukraine. May His holy will be done.


Recon Media School leadership team continues taking an active part in development of the Center for Child Holistic Development in Kiev. Almost 50 kids on a daily basis have an opportunity to learn from the Word of God about theirpotential in the Lord. Teams of qualified teachers are helping also those kids that have physical and psychological challenges. Many kids are coming from non-Christian families and they are becoming "mini missionaries" (they call themselves this term) to their extended relatives. Media development is also part of their curricula program, helping kids to express themselves (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DUnFkNp4Oh0) and be ready for a public life. It would be good to know how many of them eventually become evangelists and pastors as well as speakers on behalf of their nation?!? 



May the Lord bless those in Australia and USA, who provide additional scholarship assistance to students - orphans. RMS students are truly used by God to share eternal values through media. One of them, Jana Demidovich, shares a one-minute thought every day to thousands of young people in a unique way (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZqgnqzOH3I0). RMS creative team and faculty are working hard on a program for two Summer Recon Camps (June 17 - 27 & July 15-25). At least half of the kids and teenagers are coming from orphanages or families that adopted many children. This year, God is also giving a blessed opportunity to serve hundreds of children from Muslim Tatar families that have moved from occupied Crimea to Kiev and West of Ukraine. 


Please pray for Recon Media school for further ministry development. Please become a partner of one of RMS projects and outreaches. Please write to us: aglukhovskyy@lausanne.org and come to visit us!

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