09 Ноября 2020

Media programs producer

Session # 1

Session # 2

# 401. “Producing script”

# 402. “Photo and video composition”

  • Writing effective script: elements and forms of creativity in living language
  • Structuring effective script in order to stimulate active and thoughtful viewing instead passive perception
  • Working with script on location





Bonus! Workshop of Ruslan Kukharchuk “New media and eternal values”

  • Art of reportage photography: shot composition and special effects
  • Video and photo editing in Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Premiere Pro, Adobe After Effects, Final Cut Pro X, Motion, Grass Valley Edius, Cyberlink Power Director
  • Working on location and editing on computers in classroom


Bonus! Workshop of Vladimir Shepelenko “Basics of sound production”

Session # 3

Session # 4

# 403. “Cameraman craftsmanship”

# 404 “Dramaturgic principles of editing”

  • Light functions: light on objects in sunny and cloudy weather
  • Open and closed composition: viewer’s eye direction
  • Working on location and editing on computers in classroom


Bonus! Workshop of Yurii Prilipko “Topic and idea of cinematographic pieces”

  • Consecutive chronological statement of events and parallel editing
  • Editing with time deformation
  • Custom video editing, associative editing



Bonus! Workshop of Sergey Demidovich “Music in cinematography”

At the end of the course students should be able to know:

  • Components of screen performance and their meaning
  • Composition rules of videography
  • Laws of comfortable video editing
  • The Law of Ukraine on information
  • The Law of Ukraine on Advertising
  • Biographies of producers who changed the world


At the end of the course students should be able to:

  • Write script on suggested topic and calculate the budget
  • Take pictures and video and edit the material
  • Add necessary inscription and sound to the film
  • Draw necessary contracts and documents


Additional information:

Registration: In order to take the course and/or workshop you need to fill out registration form and get a student number. Contract must be signed and all fees (training, meals and accommodation) must be paid on the first day of classes. Consultation services are offered free of charge based on terms of contract.

Schedule: Courses are held each quarter and start as soon as the group is formed. Course duration is two weeks. Study process goes hand in hand with working on projects starting from day one. This way students form portfolio for future work and/or selling images on corresponding websites.

Cost: 700 hryvnas for one week of training (1400 for one session). Meal plans and accommodation are discussed individually.

E-mail: recontv.info@gmail.com


Cell: +38097-825-18-74


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