18 Января 2018

Recon Ministry: a Global Reach with Local Touch

New SamONgrai program

What a joy to see the birth of the new program, produced by Recon media school faculty and students. This time, guests of the studio were a group, called “Born Twice”. As always in this program, oriented to young people, there is a powerful combination of music, testimony and words of wisdom from people, who have had their own road to the Lord. Two Ukrainian ladies were lost in this evil world, and ended up in prison. Spending five years in prison for being drug dealers was a cutting edge of their lives. They never dreamed that prison would be a saving place for them. But a local church visited that prison and shared word of His love with them. Today, these women proclaim a hope and confidence in the Lord and ReconTV is privileged to be a channel of the proclamation of the Gospel. Please share this story with the Russian speaking world.

Campus development

A special thank you to everyone who is covering the campus development by their prayers. We do need more prayer partners. Thank you so much for financial support. As you see, construction is now on the roof level and work is in an active stage. Please keep praying for us. The following message became a huge encouragement for Recon team: “… in quietness and confidence is your strength…” (Isaiah 30:15). That is the most difficult part…

Online Program in Effective Communications 

The Bachelor of Arts degree in Communication would offer an advanced learning environment for students to grow spiritually, intellectually, and academically based on understanding, creating, and managing media. Students will be encouraged to create stories that communicate a faith-based worldview as an outreach to the world while developing their professional skills. Upon graduation, they are prepared to become part of the Media industry as script & screenwriters and photo & video producers. 

A special word of welcome and introduction to Pratap Kumar from India, who is helping with Recon’s SIS (Student Information System). Thank you, Pratap, for being a part of the team. We are looking for the best models and the most effective ways to train creative youth, capable of serving God by serving His Church. We also are looking for Christ-centered professional faculty (full-time or part-time) with a passion to see Media used for God in Eurasia (Russian-speaking nations). 

Urgent Needs

Gifted students from big families and orphans need help in order to receive education to improve their talent through schooling and be able to share the Gospel with music, drama, screen and story writing. 17 scholarships ($900 per year per student) need to be raised before the new academic year. If you need any additional information, please contact us by email - recontv.info@gmail.com

Theology of Work courses are also part of BA online program on Communication. Training material is to be recorded before the end of October. There is an urgent need for three cameras like Nikon D750 FX-format Digital SLR camera. The cost of one is $2,496.95.  Please help.

Let’s Do It Together

The Comprehensive Child Development Centre Stezhinka is part of the «Recon» project. At the moment, having left the campus of UETS, we rent a cottage in Pusha-Vodice. Our priority is service to the community through children’s Christian education, as well as the implementation of inclusive education for children with disabilities. We are happy to see how our special kids have become socially comfortable with others, and how the Lord is changing the attitudes of children and parents around them. And we believe that if Christians will begin to work in this direction, together we can win the problem of socially excluded children in our country.

We have so much for which we thank the Lord-already there is a building that is undergoing renovation work, but there is still a critical moment: commissioning. With God's grace and the support of friends, Stezhinka is 50% equipped for our work with children. Today the important issue that needs urgent attention is the kitchen equipment (we currently use leased) so that children attending the centre may have good nutrition. It is a very important component of their physical development and well-being, because they are in Stezhinka from 8 am to 7 pm. Another important component, without which it is impossible to imagine childhood, is a children's playground.

Friends, we invite you to join the project, acknowledging the existence of the challenge of addressing the needs of special children in Ukraine and our desire to act today.  Any amount that you give, even a small amount, at first glance, will be an important contribution to the solution of the problem.

Please see the project "Stezhinka Kitchen" and "Stezhinka  Playground" in the attachment.

Sincerely, "Stezhinka" team



Kindergarden children exploring the theme of "insects".
- Children, this is a water bug, a dragonfly, a stag beetle...
Next, the teacher shows the Colorado beetle:
- And this is ...
- Beetle-Zebra! - Alex screams.

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