16 Ноября 2020

Recon school of photography

Courses for beginners

Professional photography

# 101. “General photography”

# 201. “Portrait photography”

  • Correct usage of camera and shot composition
  • Applying different camera settings and image development
  • Useful tips for beginning photographers
  • Composition and variations in shot cropping
  • Taking portrait images in different lighting
  • Studio portrait photography

# 102. “Secrets of composition in photography”

# 202 “Photojournalism”

  • Color, contrast, lines in photography
  • Lighting in photography
  • Vision in photography
  • Vision and search for composition (sport, religion, society)
  • Right choice of shooting point
  • Storytelling in photography

# 103. “Learn to take pictures of your kids”

# 203 “Object and promotional photography”

  • Taking pictures of kids as a game
  • Variety of subjects and ideas
  • Picture development
  • Creating portfolio of your child
  • Still life, object, promotional photography
  • Composition and lighting in creating still life images
  • Shooting glass, jewelry, metal and other objects

# 104. “Nature photography”

# 204. “Travel photography”

  • Choosing lenses, equipment - composition in nature photography
  • Special settings and night nature photography
  • Creating expressive panoramic images
  • Taking close-up pictures of flowers and plants, birds, animals and insects
  • Choosing optimal equipment and variety of compositional options
  • Shooting in different weather conditions
  • HDR photography and shooting in RAW, developing material

# 105. “Wedding photography”

# 205. “Underwater photography”

  • Examples of creating “love story”
  • Working on location
  • Developing material
  • Underwater world and photography equipment
  • Composition in underwater images
  • Shoot preproduction

Additional information:

Registration: In order to take the course you need to fill out registration form and get a student number. Contract must be signed and all fees (training, meals and accommodation) must be paid on the first day of classes. Consultation services are offered free of charge based on terms of contract.

Calendar: Courses are held each quarter and start as soon as the group is formed. Course duration is two weeks. Study process goes hand in hand with working on projects starting from day one. This way students form portfolio for future work and/ or selling images on corresponding websites.

Cost: 700 hryvnas for one week of training (1400 for one session). Meal plans and accommodation are discussed individually.

E-mail: recontv.info@gmail.com


Cell: +38097-825-18-74


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