02 Ноября 2020

Website training

Course 301. Web designer


  • Choosing template: making website creation process as simple as possible
  • Customization: choosing between automatic and manual settings
  • Website publishing: way from choosing payment options to registration and technical support

Image editing:

Basic knowledge and skills in working with different types of images and pictures (12 hours + online consultation)

Course 302. Web editor


  • Article writing: ability to explain difficult things in simple words
  • Effective search for necessary material: understanding spiritual processes, religion tendencies and different ministry sectors
  • Graphics and material editing: visual taste in media

Providing quality of program systems:

Basic knowledge in preparing to testing program project (12 hours + online consultation)

Course 303. Website administrator


  • Continuous control over website availability: efficient reacting to problems with website availability (functional errors, account blocking by host, file or database corruption, etc.)
  • Current management of website structure (creating, moving, changing, removal of columns, sections, categories, subcategories and other structural elements of website visualization)
  • Promotion: search engine optimization, promoting in ranks, catalogues, search systems, statistics services; buying and selling web ads

The most modern media technologies:

Basic skills in program and technical means of creating, processing, storage and transferring media components (12 hours + online consultation)

Course 304. Media platform producer


  • Creating online TV channel: powerful media instrument influencing worldview, attitude and political situation in millions of people
  • Online broadcasting combined with own video files and images, getting video files on demand and using different social services
  • Creating own team of TV reporters from different parts of the world

Advertising and media planning: developing strategic marketing plan and preparing regular presentations

(12 hours + online consultation)

Registration: In order to take course and/or workshop you need to fill out registration form, sign contract and pay all fees (training, meals and accommodation). Consultation services are offered free of charge based on terms of contract.

Schedule: courses start as soon as the group is formed. Course duration is two weeks of a month. Workshops are held at the end of the first week of the planned course (either Friday afternoon or Saturday morning).

Cost: Meal plans and accommodation are discussed individually

500 hryvnas – cost of the first week of training

400 hryvnas – cost of the second week of training

175 hryvnas – cost of one workshop

E-mail: recontv.info@gmail.com


Cell: +38097-825-18-74


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