22 Августа 2014

When the Media Serves God

Russian Version

Tetiana Kalenychenko, Journalist 

Perhaps we are too accustomed to the idea that television and cinema cannot bring anything cheerful and good to this world. Even if we accidentally see something fair, we hasten to say that the exception only proves the rule. Is it possible to change our view? Now - yes, thanks to Rec-onTV Media School (www.rec-on.tv), which not only aims to educate professionals, but also to create a quality product, based on the values of Holy Bible.

Though our school was established less than a year ago, it has already managed to gain the interest and curiosity of students. This training session was created for adult students who come from different countries to learn how to work with photos and video. The main goal for each student is to provide high quality media service to their church and evangelistic efforts.

Inspiration for this new milestone in Christian media came from the founder and chairman of the Board of Trustees of UETS and Deputy International Director of the Lausanne movement across Eurasia, Anatoly Gluhovskiy; pastor and teacher, elder Ukrainian of national missionary church, Igor Agapov; and television presenter and film director and director of interactive project MEGA-MOST, Sergey Demidovich.


   "While working with any large gathering of people we need a talented and competent director. His responsibility is to organize the process so that the result was not only useful, but also fun. I therefore recommend that priests look for such talents and promote their development".

                            Ruslan Kuharchuck


Media School isn't just a collection of courses, lectures and seminars. Specialized media education means practical work with technology and personal contact with well-known professionals who know firsthand how to create great media product and more importantly, who want to share their experience. Thanks to a spiritual foundation, experienced teachers, and students' motivation, the school deserves special attention and pro-active development for the future. 

The next stage of growth of the school is implementation of online training. Leadership is actively cooperating with a well-known American university whose program is being prepared to share with us. Clearly this next step will help those students who have difficulty traveling to the session so that they can do all the tasks in an online mode.



Fyodor G. Lebedev, director and cameraman, 15 years experience in the studio Ukrtelefilm and now working at Tonis TV, teaches directing and cinematography

I work here (at ReconTv Media School) second and third sessions. I have taught in the past in a private television school. If we compare «Rec-on.TV» with other schools, their students are completely different people. There are a lot of schools of television, I know at least five. But those attending this media school-are not like any students I've met before. Ordinary students from private schools come in looking for glory. Young people think that television is the key to a beautiful appearance of life. They go to the private schools in pursuit of fame and money. But our students come here with quite a different purpose, because of how they are motivated to work with us. They differ in that they want to know.

I've had students in a private school that came in expensive cars, left for a while, and then immediately were transported back. For them the main goal was to get a diploma to hang on the wall, and say to all that they were going to television school, because there is always one question--asking to see their diploma-to explain whether it is legitimate or not. At the same time our students weren't so much interested in the document. They want and need knowledge. Officially, we work from 9 to 18 hours, but we work many additional hours because we like to do it. It's nice when students ask me something, because I want to work with them. And I have something to tell them, as I have 30 years in film and television. And the most important detail of the school - the amazing atmosphere, peaceful and very comfortable.

Leonid Kanevsky, teaches video montage and special effects

Fyodor Lebedev introduced me to Anatoly Gluhovskiy, advising me as a teacher to work with the editing software and special effects. The character of the school is that it's a place where people come to seek God and intend to use their new skills for their ministry. And we know that God is guiding the process, we pray for it. The spiritual component is a very important element of our school.

As for the technology - there are many schools and courses which take far too much time for training, and the people's reviews are not very positive. Because there is no individual approach, students go out from classes with unanswered questions. But everyone needs to find their own key to each different level of preparation. There are advanced users who capture skills all "on the fly" and others for whom the material is more difficult who take more time, because they simply have less experience. But it should not impact the quality of their education.

Students Alexander and Anastasia, Kyiv

We came from a charitable organization, the orphanage "Father's house," having the opportunity to study here. Our orphanage is in great need of media resources to raise additional support and disseminate information. We were able to receive the knowledge and training to serve the orphanage and improve the quality of media in our local church.

Student Victoria, Mariupol

A great feature of our study is that each teacher personally helps you, repeats instruction as much as needed. They have an understanding of each student's personal learning style. We already have the first results of our study course as we installed a video and will soon show it. 


Student Alina, Kriviy Rig

We chose the school «Rec-on.TV», because it is Christian. I like studying here and I'm ready to invest finances in such training with a spiritual approach. All the knowledge I'vegained I'll use for the ministry, for our church - we will do photo movies, videos of the service. In the near future we'll have a conference on the anniversary of the "House ofBread" church and we'll do a video clip on the past year. So I would just come home and immediately put to work what I've learned.

Pastor Karen Isoyan, Vinnitsa

I have always been interested in media, but as a method of service. In the church you preach to the hundreds but with a screen, you can bring the Word to the thousands. I have my own YouTube channel, where I'm preaching to those who listen. I'm here because I want more extensive and effective tools for service for God. We immediately practice our knowledge with experienced teachers, with each sitting beside us as long as we need help to understand the material. Here, there is no conflict against your values. If I went to another school - I would have been in conflict with myself. Now all of the product that we create will be the salt of the earth, reminding people about the light, fighting against evil and the decay of society. I wanted to learn how to talk about God professionally, how to tell everyone about His kindness, the Truth--and here it's possible.


Pastor Illia Kozubovskyy, an employee of the Media-school

We already have more than 35 students and 7 months of work behind us. It's clear now that this isn't such a great result, but right now everything is impacted by the situation inour country. At the same time, we receive a lot of calls and letters from future students,and our first graduates from master class in photography already provided very goodtestimonials about the school. This specialized training really pays off--it's necessary--because up until now we did not have a quality media product--this area hadn't been developed.

We recently visited the "Father's house" orphanage and have seen how those kids donated money for the purchase of body armor for the defenders of our country (Video). After that they made handprints on vests, using different paints. We want to cover as much as possible of the good works that Christians and charities do.

There are those things that are worth doing in secret, and there are times when we must  show the Truth, without which people can't recognize the Lord. We need to highlight our service in the media, all these good initiatives, as now there is too much sarcasm in the world. Jesus said:You are the light of the world, the salt of the earth. God gives us the wisdom to sow, to show and to preserve the good before God.


       Perpetrationof good deeds, cheerful thoughts and lovely people - a vocation of the media, which is taught in school «Rec-on.TV». If you're ready to become a director and want to sow the good and light, using a simple camera - come to us, and we'll show you how to do it effectively.


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